The biodiversity crisis has come to our backyards. 在不到一个人的一生中,2.9 billion breeding adult birds have been lost from the United States 和 Canada, across every ecosystem 和 including familiar birds: The Dark-eyed Junco has lost an incredible 175 million individuals from its population. 白喉麻雀损失了9300万. 学习 how you can get involved to bring back the birds.

To put it another way, we've lost a more than a quarter of our birdlife since 1970. These findings were reported in the world's leading scientific journal, 科学, by researchers at seven institutions, including 全国十大赌博官网. 了解更多的细节 或观看并分享全国十大赌博官网的短视频.


全国十大赌博官网 are signaling a broader crisis in the natural world — one that is echoed by global losses in insects, 两栖动物, 和其他野生动物. The disappearance of even common bird species indicates a shift in our ecosystems' ability to support basic birdlife.

在近30亿只全国十大赌博官网类中, 90%来自于12种全国十大赌博官网类, 包括麻雀, 莺, 雀, 和燕子. These common, widespread species play influential roles in ecosystems. If they're in trouble, the wider web of life, including us, is in trouble, too.

 Snowy Owls are one of the species that are declining due to the current bird crisis. Photo by Grant Eldridge/Audubon Photography Awards
这是要进行的第一项研究 an accounting of the net population changes across a total of 529 breeding bird species in the United States 和 Canada. The researchers analyzed birds on a group-by-group basis, allowing them to identify declines among species that use similar habitats. The findings included 48 years of data from multiple independent sources, including the North American 繁殖全国十大赌博官网类调查 和 the Christmas Bird Count. A comprehensive analysis of 11 years of data from 143 NEXRAD radar stations showed a similarly steep decline in the magnitude of migration.

2.9只全国十大赌博官网消失了. 由康奈尔全国十大赌博官网类学实验室提供. 资料来源:科学,2019年. 《森林》作者:Nicholas Tonelli/Creative Commons. 来自《美国全国十大赌博官网类》的地图.org
和2一样大的数.90亿美元很难理解. 把它看成是一张资产负债表会有所帮助. Each year, many birds produce young while many others die. But since 1970, on balance, many more birds have died than have survived, resulting in 2.减少了90亿只繁殖的全国十大赌博官网类.

有些生态系统的损失比其他生态系统更严重. 例如:


Although the study did not investigate causes, scientists have identified that habitat loss is the biggest overall driver of bird declines. Habitat loss occurs when l和 is converted for agriculture, 发展, 资源开采, 和其他用途. 栖息地的退化 是损失的第二个原因吗. 在这种情况下, habitat doesn't disappear outright but becomes less able to support birds, 比如当栖息地支离破碎时, 被入侵植物改变, 或者当水质受到损害时. 了解更多对全国十大赌博官网类的威胁.


除了栖息地的丧失和退化, 其他主要人为威胁 全国十大赌博官网从哪里来 猫和其他入侵物种; 与玻璃碰撞 以及工业基础设施等 通讯塔风力涡轮机; 和 exposure to 杀虫剂和其他有毒物质.

气候变化 预计 加剧这些威胁, as well as creating new challenges; for example, by changing habitat distributions 和 shifting the timing of peak food supplies for birds.


7简单的动作. 《画眉全国十大赌博官网》作者:John Petruzzi/Macaulay Library.

Reversing such a massive decline in birds will require action at all scales, from l和scape-level l和-use changes 和 national policies affecting birds, 个人的行为. If you're ready to help, here are seven things you can start (和 share) today.

1. 无论白天还是晚上,让窗户更安全: Simple adjustments to your windows can save birds' lives. 得到的想法.

2. 把猫关在室内(或限制): Indoor cats, 和 those kept contained when outside, live longer, healthier lives. 查看全国十大赌博官网的猫和全国十大赌博官网解决方案页面.

3. 通过种植本地物种来减少草坪: 美国.S. 有6300万英亩的草坪. 这是支持野生动物的巨大潜力. 了解更多如何做到这一点 通过绿化帮助全国十大赌博官网类.

4. 避免农药: 选择有机食品. 了解更多有关新烟碱类药物的信息: the world's most commonly used pesticides are toxic to birds — 和 they may be in products that you unknowingly buy.

5. 喝的种植咖啡: 全国十大赌博官网类友好型咖啡很美味, 对农民经济有利, 和 helps more than 42 species of North American songbirds. 这是画眉全国十大赌博官网的一个例子. Look for bird-friendly certified coffee in your store or ask the store to stock certified products.

6. 保护全国十大赌博官网的地球远离塑料: 避免一次性塑料. Unfortunately, 91% of plastics are not recycled, 和 they take 400 years to degrade. 海全国十大赌博官网是最危险的全国十大赌博官网类之一 从塑料污染.

7. 观察全国十大赌博官网类,分享你所看到的: Birders are one of science's most vital sources of data on how the ecological world is faring. Make sure you contribute your data to eBird 和 other Citizen 科学 efforts.


美国广播公司的“50-50-5”计划 全国十大赌博官网是在应对全国十大赌博官网类危机吗. It will make a transformational difference for birds, 同时, protect millions of additional species of plants 和 animals. 以这种方式, ABC's conservation actions will make a huge contribution to solving our planet's biodiversity 和 climate crises.

At the heart of our 50-50-5 plan is a commitment to save 50 flagship bird species, 保护和保护5000万英亩土地, 并与5个严重威胁作斗争. 你的支持将有助于实施全国十大赌博官网的计划. If there is just one thing you can do to help birds, this is it. 今天捐赠!


引用: 罗森博格,K. V. 等. 2019. 北美全国十大赌博官网类的衰退. 科学 365(6461). doi: 10.1126 /科学.aaw1313

参与者: Cornell Lab of Ornithology, 全国十大赌博官网, Environment 和 气候变化 Canada, U.S. 地质调查所, 落基山脉的全国十大赌博官网类温室, 史密森尼候全国十大赌博官网中心, 乔治敦大学.

Data were contributed by citizen-science participants in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, 繁殖全国十大赌博官网类调查, 以及其他全国十大赌博官网类监测计划. The Partners in Flight Avian Conservation Assessment Database was a critical source for the data.


The photo treatment for the 3 Billion 全国十大赌博官网 campaign was created by Beaconfire 和 provided courtesy National Audubon Society, one of 全国十大赌博官网's campaign partners.